Mapleton, UT 84664, USA

Nano Technologie
After nano technology made deep inroads in industry, it now provides virtually limitless applications and benefits in the automotive industry. Improved vision during rain or snow, easy-to-clean effect, reduced soiling levels, resistance to antifreeze and washer fluid, and reduced insect adhesion, etc.

All seals have been applied to thousands of surfaces and have demonstrated their excellence under all kinds of environemental conditions. 

Each sealing set contains a nano cleaner and a nano sealer for specified surface, plus the required cleaning sponges and polishing cloths and detailed instructions of use for the proper treatment of surfaces.

Product Portfolio
Bluechem provides an extensive product portfolio within our Bluechem label, our unique and innovative products are dividided into the following product lines, all with industry leading quality, quality you can see and feel.

The powermaxx line is our flagship line of products. The full range of products for all workshops. This line ranges from products necessary for our Decontamination services, as well aerosols and shop necessities.